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Deaf Community Resources

Here is a list of some of our favorite resources from the deaf community.


Social Media

Some of our favorite social media accounts: 

Importance of ASL

  • Why I Sign – Deaf content creator all about connecting through sign language. @whyisign

  • Language 1st – hearing-owned SLP, language/ASL for Deaf kids, CEs/Prof. Dev. @language1st

Learn ASL

  • The ASL Shop – learn ASL from a Deaf teacher. @theaslshop

  • ASL Wonder – Deaf mom, CODA daughters, ASL, Deaf history, more. @asl_wonder

  • Garrett Bose – ASL teacher & activist. @garrett.bose

  • Sign Tribe – ASL courses designed by CODA (child of Deaf adults) who is also a leaning specialist @signtribe

Parents & Families

  • The Ariel Series – Deaf Queer parents with hearing child @thearielseries

  • That Deaf Family – Deaf parents with Deaf children @thatdeafamily

  • Christina Pax – Hearing mom to Deaf child @christina_pax_

  • Our Signed World – Deaf parent & hearing parent with hearing child @oursignedworld

  • Raising the Bests – Austrailian family (hearing mom who is a Teacher of the Deaf, one Deaf and one hearing child; note: they use AUSLAN, not ASL) @raisingthebests

Kid/Tween/Teen Role Models

  • Savannah Dahan – Deaf teen actor and performance artist @savvyasl

  • Shaylee Mansfield – Deaf teen actor @shayleemansfield

  • Sign & Play – Making ASL + Play + Fun accessible – need to request access to follow as mom monitors this account. It’s specifically for Deaf, hard of hearing, and CODA kids.

Art, Education, Accessibility

  • Savannah Dahan – Deaf teen actor and performance artist @savvyasl

  • Shaylee Mansfield – Deaf teen actor @shayleemansfield

  • Love Letters by Emily – mom & daughter (Deaf+disabled) art @lovelettersbyemily

  • Sal Sanchez – Deaf graphic artist; stickers, animations and more @salvadorsanchezartist

  • Sign Up Captions – Sign Language interpreted/‘captioned’ shows & movies @signupcaptions

  • Chloe’s Kids – hard of hearing musician & teacher – music/ASL programs @chloeskids

  • Baby Fingers – hearing owned music therapist/teacher of the Deaf, Mom - music & ASL programs for Deaf and hearing, all ages. @mybabyfingers and @babyfingersasl 

  • The ASL & English Lower School, PS 347 NYC – public school for Deaf, hard of hearing, CODA, and hearing students promoting ASL and Deaf culture. @ps347ASL

  • About Love and Language – simple to sign board books that often rhyme when signed – Deaf & hearing collaboration. @rhymeswhensigned


  • ASL Nook – ASL  with Shaylee’s family (Deaf parents, one hearing & one Deaf child)


  • American Society for Deaf Children – support & resources for families with Deaf children 


  • Hands and Voices – resources & programs for families w/deaf & hard of hearing children 

  • National organization with regional chapters. 

  • Hands Land – ASL language play and rhythms (Deaf teachers/performers


Classes & Programs



For kids & tweens: 

For teens & adults:

  • True Biz 

  • Deaf Utopia (Nyle Dimarco) 

  • Show me a Sign

Classes & Progrms
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