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Facebook Reviews

“My 2.5 year old daughter loves these videos. She has a speech delay, and these videos absolutely have helped her. She loves to yell the word when Miss Rachel pauses. She gets speech therapy, and many of the activities are similar to those her therapist does with her. Very high quality screen time.”


“Incredible context for littles. These videos are right up there with Sesame Street with educational lessons and songs. The speech development is wonderful.”


“I do early intervention and have. Two year old son. I LOVE your videos for both! My son loves them and learns from them. Your videos make me feel better about giving him screen time when necessary. I wish I knew about your videos sooner! Thank you!”


“My girl just turned two and only has been watching Miss Rachel and all her teacher friends for a few months now and the change in her is remarkable! Before Songs for littles she would sing a few songs and new tons of words but now she sings over thirty songs and I’ve learned them too! Miss Rachel has enriched both of our lives and deepened our connection! These songs and videos are a tool and so so much fun for both of us! I’m a nanny and couldn’t recommend this more highly to all of my clients especially as a mom in the real world who knows a little screen time can be a decent few minutes break for a tired family and enriching and educational for your kiddos, as long as you find something as wonderful as Songs for littles that is!”


“My 3 year old autistic son just loves Ms. Rachel and especially enjoys circle time His language skills have improved so much since discovering your Youtube channel! Please keep the videos coming!”


“We LOVE Songs for Littles!!!! The perfect program for interactive screen time!!! My daughter Wyatt and I LOVE singing and dancing along in our living room! I noticed a huge boost in my toddlers vocabulary after making the signing and language episodes part of our weekly routine!!! She also started signing a lot more to communicate her wants and needs with us!!

Ps. Thank you Jules for the Crabby Crab song, it’s one of our faves ”


“My 15 month old loves Songs for Littles videos more than anything we’ve ever watched, including Sesame Street and Cocomelon. He pays such close attention to Miss Rachel and just can’t get enough. I’ve started incorporating similar actions and songs from the videos to help grow language skills. Thanks for the awesome work y’all do!”


“We absolutely love your videos! The only screen time we use. Our daughter learns so many new words, we all dance and sing along together. Your videos bring so much joy and learning to our family.”


“My daughter didn’t seem interested in doing motions to different songs until I found Songs for Littles! She loves dancing along and doing all the motions with Miss Rachel and Jules! She just recently started counting to 10 thanks to these videos! I highly recommend for any child that loves to learn or loves entertaining songs!”


“This is an amazing channel, you don’t know how much my son has learned from you thank you so much.”


“I love the fact that it’s pretty much like interacting in person and slow paced! Perfect for a baby!”


“Your videos are helpful for us parents in teaching our toddlers. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.”


“This is the best YouTube channel that really can help your child to start talking. My child has speech delays and he learnt how to talk and say words from her songs and videos. Well done and highly recommend to follow her.”


“We absolutely love Songs for Littles. It was the first video I felt confident about letting my one year old daughter watch. As someone who has a Bachelor's degree in education I knew what I wanted her limited screen time to be, and this was perfect. Rachel uses evidence based practices and that is music to my eyes and ears! So thankful for having found this channel! I love the underlying positive messages she continues to repeat into the sensitive ears of young ones as well!”


“Circle time is so interactive and educational. It holds my daughters attention, and I don’t feel guilty about this screen time. 10/10 recommend, and will welcome Rachel and Jules into my home for years to come!”


“You wouldn’t believe how far my two year old has come since adding Songs for Littles into his routine. He loves Rachel and Jules!!!!!”


“Can I just say that if it weren’t for Rachel’s genius songs like the brushing your teeth one, my daughter WOULD NOT brush her teeth? Also, her songs have helped me through rough meals and our first haircut! Now my daughter asks for Rachel by saying “chi-chi-Chi” which is her brushing her teeth sound!!! Rachel we LOVE your videos!!!”


“I RECOMMEND EVERYTHING ABOUT SONGS FOR LITTLES! Songs for littles is amazing. Rachel is so genuine, I think that is my favorite thing about her, she loves what she does and not only do I see it, but my daughter does and she soaks up everything Rachel says like a sponge. My daughter is ahead In speaking because of songs for littles. its very educational and definitely my #1 show to watch on YouTube. I would hands down recommend songs for littles to anyone. ps Jules and her songs are amazing too. thank y'all so much.”


“Our son had a speech delay and watching your videos helped reinforce what he was learning from his speech therapist.  Thank you so much for what you're doing!”


“We can’t thank you enough for all that you do...You are an angel! You’ve tremendously helped us with our Maddie. She is advanced in her milestones because of your help. We have your videos on all day, til it’s bedtime! Maddie loves the songs(she does all the hand motions and dance), Circle Time...I mean, everything in your videos!!!

And the video you sent us for Maddie’s birthday only proves you are the best gift we had this year!  Thank you sooooooo much Ms. Rachel  for taking the time for that video! Maddie was ecstatic!!! Thank you for all that you do! MORE POWER! We love you.”


“Our 18 month absolutely loves your videos! I swear she learns the motions to all the songs Rachel sings, talks to Herbie whenever he pops up, and always hops around when Jules plays the guitar. She’s never interested in other programs I turn on, so we always have music class with you guys only! Totally approved screen time for the family! Thank you for uploading new videos during our time quarantined as well.”


“Make screentime worthy and learning fun for those fussy little humans

and this is one of the BESTEST ”



“My nonverbal little suddenly sings!!! Thank you so much!!”


“I am soooo glad I found your videos on youtube. and my babygirl adores your videos. she loves all of you in the videos. gets excited everyday to start her day trying to play along and understand what you all are doing. You all do such an amazing job. my baby is 1 yr old. 13 months to be exact and her pediatrician has confirmed she is advanced. with your videos and me teaching her she's going to fly through this stage of education.

Please don't stop making videos.”


“My daughter is 15 months and knows every word to every song and has learned to count to ten (mind blowing) all thanks to Miss Rachel!!”


“My little one is OBSESSED with Ms.Rachel. She is a member of the family now. Everyone compliments me on my child's speaking abilities...I direct them to Songs for Littles because this program is what taught her pretty much everything she knows.  ”


“My 14 month old daughter LOVES your videos!  She knows almost all the sign language in the videos, about 40-50 words, her body parts, the songs with all the movements, and animal sounds!

I wish I could take credit but I have to give 95% to Songs for Littles!”


“Educational videos that keep the attention of children without the overcomplicated animations that a lot of other channels seem to utilize. My 1 year old daughter is obsessed with the "First Words for Toddlers" video. We watch it many times every day. My 5 year old has a speech and social delay, and these videos help her learn to properly annunciate and how to use proper mannerisms all while being fun and entertaining. (Also, I love when a little tone of sarcasm washes over Herbie's voice at times. Genius!)”


“Our 1 year old has learned colors, can count to 20 and signs: more, food, milk,water and thank you. We love Ms. Rachel and all she has taught our toddler.”


“I am very grateful to have found this show on you tube for my grandson to watch. He is a three year old autistic child and was nonverbal. Ive seen the change in my grandson happen before my eyes as he went from nonverbal to verbal watching Ms. Rachel. Yes, he does get therapy in school but he has learned to listen,smile, work his hands and has zero to none meltdowns watching  this show. We as a family have learned how to communicate thru simple sign language as well as he has watching Ms. Rachel and her team. Thank you Ms. Rachel and your team for helping this family and many others to work with our special littles.”


“We’ve been watching and singing along with Songs for Littles for about a year now. My daughter love it! She went to her new classroom already knowing so much more than her older classmates and I’m sure these videos have a lot to do with that!”




“Oh. My. God!  My one and three year old love love love Miss. Rachel and her co-singers! Absolutely amazing. My one year olds face lights up when she comes on! It’s so interactive and educational! Thank you for all the videos!”


“Rachel thank you for developing these videos especially during Covid. I have had a heavy heart that my daughter has been missing out on key experiences with other kids and learning silly songs and how to speak. Your videos make her so excited, she dances along, and she does motions you do all day long and I have to guess what she means haha! You’re awesome! Keep up the great work!”


“My 2 year old loves watching you. He has a speech delay and has learned so much watching your videos and he participates as much as he can as well as our whole family! lol Please keep making videos cause they are really good, educational, and fun! You and Blippi are really the only thing we watch along with a Disney movie here and there. I will say that even though my son has a speech delay it doesn't stop him one bit from wanting to sing along with you and using gestures!”


“My girl absolutely loves Songs for Littles and benefitted from watching the videos! She has learnt a lot of words and able to express herself better. ”


“I have 2 granddaughters, 14 months and 11 months old. They both LOVE Ms. Rachel! The 14 month old is signing a lot of words now. She tells us when she wants to eat, when she needs more, when she is all done, when she wants milk and several more. It’s amazing how they learn so fast. My daughter watched her pick up the TV remote and find Ms. Rachel. She said that she wouldn’t have believed it if she had not watched her do it. The house rule was going to be that TV was not to be on all day, but with Ms. Rachel,  it’s now a day full of learning!

Thank you, Ms. Rachel, for what you do!”


“My daughter was diagnosed with apraxia of speech. This show has been the most helpful for me and for her! She absolutely loves Rachel, and so does my 8 month old. I'm pretty sure we've watched every video nearly 100 times. Thank you all for giving us such amazing, helpful, and wholesome content! We love you all. I more than highly recommend Songs for Littles! ”


“Amazing! This program has done wonders for my toddler sons speech!”


“My 1 year old knows words and is able to talk, but rarely does. With the Songs for Littles videos, she’ll laugh and talk back to the characters. And now she is starting to talk more outside of the house as well! Their clips are short enough to hold her attention and use a great mix of talking and singing. She absolutely loves the videos, and I love that there is some diversity in among the characters/dolls, and that there is a variety in the content.

100% recommend, this is my favorite channel for her at the moment!”


“love her! she needs her own Netflix show!”


“My son is 19 months and still not talking. We have him starting speech therapy in the next few weeks but since we first started the process we have been watching your videos! He LOVES them, my 4 month old LOVES watching as well. My son has been trying to communicate more with either sign language or pointing which is a pretty big deal for us as we have only been watching your shows for a few weeks now. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all you do and LOVE your shows! This mom is grateful for y’all. Thank you!!”


“My son becomes “zombie baby” and just stares at the screen for other educational vids. The first time I put Mrs Rachel on he was interacting with her, even saying some new words. He’s struggling with completing words and pronunciation so I’m thrilled. He started dancing to Jules the first time too! Double whammy!! Now if I’m at a loss for entertaining/educating I ask him if he wants to watch Mrs Rachel & Jules. It’s always a big yes. THANK YOU for providing something my little can benefit from (especially during these times ).”


“my son loves these videos so much! he has learned so many new words after only 2 weeks”


“I stumbled upon this YouTube channel trying to find resources for my 2 year old who has an expressive speech delay. This is the first channel that has held her attention and also that she interacted with. She tries to sing along, dance along and repeat the words. Thank you so much for this content and I hope you continue to add more and more. Your work is very valuable and appreciated.”


“My 11 month old has been watching Songs For Littles YouTube channel for the past 3 months. We make it a point to watch everyday. I myself and ESL Teacher approve!!!! My daughter has said words like hello, bye bye, shirt. She has also blended sounds like “pl, bl, gl, sl,” and so on. Vivi also claps along and mimics Ms Rachel’s gestures. THANK YOU everyone who contributes. You all ROCK!!!”


“My daughter and I have been watching this for a couple weeks now and not only is it helping her but it is helping me. I tend to be a very introverted person who doesn’t talk much, which isn’t very helpful when you have a child with a speech delay. Now though I find myself radiating Miss Rachel and describing and singing about everything to my daughter. It has been such a blessing!”


“Their videos have really helped to accelerate my child's development and are the only thing that calm him during a "terrible two" fit!”


“My 2 year old son has a global delay. He is currently non verbal. He absolutely loves these videos. We watch them everyday. He copies the motions, he will focus and roars like a dinosaur!  We are very thankful for these videos, especially music class videos! Thank you so much for these! Please produce more. we love you guys !! Thank you for helping my son make progress.”


“My daughter is 1 and she loves it.  She learns a lot.  I was looking for something more interactive for her, and a friend told me about these shows.  It reminds me of sesame street.”



My daughter is almost 2, and she absolutely L O V E S these videos! She has already learned SO MUCH. She was a little behind on her verbal abilities, but with these videos her communication skills and language are both developing at such a fast rate!

Thank you for making these videos, and please continue to make them!! We both love singing along with all of your catchy tunes!! Our little family loves what you're doing and I'm so grateful I found your videos!!”


“My little 1 year old daughter didn’t want to talk at all until we found songsforlittles on YouTube. After watching this show she has started signing and saying words. She is obsessed with miss Rachel and miss Jules and I’m so happy we found them!”


“I stumbled on these videos on youtube in lockdown desperation and they're an absolute life saver! My 14month old lights up to see Rachel and Jules Its guilt free child entertainment and shes now started copying signs and song actions so its teaching her too! Thanks so much from all the way in the UK xxx”


“My baby is 11 months. She has no interest in any kind of tv shows, cartoons (Disney, Cocomelon, etc…) I found Miss Rachel’s preschool on TikTok. And it it’s the best thing ever for my baby and for me. There are also so many tips for parents.

It is literally the only thing that my baby loves. By the way, she adores Jules too.

Last month she started to clap and wave. She shows more expressions now.

Other than mama, dada, papa, yes, no, go; and all her baby babbling she clearly says “what’s that?”, “I want” (while pointing) and “who’s that?”.

And OMG, we are now watching what we are saying because she tries to repeat and copy us

She shakes her head no and also do yes. She does the gesture for I don’t know

Right now her new thing to do is to put the cap on her bottle on and off, while I sing Miss Rachel’s song “Put it in”

She loves dancing along with the songs, she jumps when it is the bunny sleeping song, she stops when Miss Rachel says stop, she claps at the end of every songs, she screams and acts scared when curious George pops out of the box, etc…

Our showers routine consists of singing or Mademoiselle won’t be happy.

Putting on diapers used to be a real struggle until I started singing to her.

She clearly did not learned that from me. I talk to her in French.”


“my almost 23 month old is delayed in speech. we found songs for Littles on YouTube just last week and I have seen such an improvement already!!! thank you so much for giving me hope!”


“Let me just tell you, I was the first one to say “I will never let my kid just sit and watch YouTube for hours” and while that’s still mostly true, I can absolutely get on board with her watching this channel whenever she wants.

With Covid, we haven’t been able to start speech therapy yet. I was desperate to try to help her learn.

Presley was saying only 1-2 words at the beginning of December. No sign language, nothing. We’ve been watching this channel for a few weeks now and Presley can say “Dog” “Bye” “Mom” “Dad” “Duck” and is working on saying lots of other things. Presley can now blow kisses and wave when she leaves. She also signs for “eat” and “more” on an intentional and regular basis.

I wish I could thank these people personally, because of them taking the time to make these videos, Presley has learned to communicate with us. Hearing her say mom is the best sound in the world.”


“Great educational show for younger children! Rachel and Jewels do an amazing job teaching littles through songs and rhymes. Even though we implement Montessori this is the one program I feel okay letting my daughter watch. I truly feel that they have helped her learn words and sign language that we have been working on at home! I believe having a real person in the videos instead of an animated educational show has helped my daughter learn better as well! So glad to have stumbled across this amazing channel!”


“My 2 year old was born premature at 25 weeks and she’s in speech right now and didn’t say but one word and since she started watching mrs. racheal she has taken off trying new words and gestures!! Such a blessing!!”


“My daughter has been watching Ms Rachel since 5 months old and if I tell you how she has been telling me she wants a nap at that age… I’m sure no one would believe me. My daughter will be 2 in a week and she can’t talk fully yet but she knows her words and how to ask for what she wants. At 10 months she has been singing her ABCs correctly and can count to 20 at 14 months old! She is almost two and can tell me her body parts. For the longest time she tells me she wants a diaper change and even when her younger brother needs a change every morning the first thing I hear is “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!!””


“I highly recommend this program. My 2 years old twin daughters were hardly saying a word. We tried home and online therapy. No progress were made after two months. We then turned to YouTube and your videos were the first ones to show. After a consistent week, my daughters started to sing the alphabet then words such as hi, bye, no, down, etc.

My husband and I thank you for all your help and hard work. ”


“Highly recommend Songs for Littles daughter has been watching her since she was 11 months and I tell you the changes and growth she has made in speaking is amazing! Mrs Rachel and her team are amazing . also teaching my daughter to sign ...Mrs Rachel makes it easy and I truly appreciate all the hard work put in to create these videos!”


“My littlest just adores these videos! 

He’s been a little speech delayed and he has picked up so many new words just in the past few weeks! 

I love to keep something playing in the background no matter what we are doing and this has been our new go to!”


“I started having my baby watch your channel when she was 12 months old. She wasn't even saying "mama" then. Now she's 17 months old and recently, she started saying "I want... ," and her words are too many to count.

Not only is my kiddo learning from your channel, but I am also learning a bunch of techniques that I can apply to grow her vocabulary even when she's not watching a screen.

Keep up the awesome work. Your channel is the best!”


“My son has a speech delay and these videos have helped him so much! Both my kids love them!”


“My son loves watching and has shown so much improvement in so many areas thanks to Ms. Rachel and her channel”


“Highly recommended. Any toddlers/baby's that watch  are glued to all of them .my toddler who is 18 months was not even saying mama or even using it correctly .4 weeks later .with about an 1 hour a day of this .she says 5 beyond impressed. Such a huge fan even I. And I've picked up many songs that are just so fun .”


“my little guy has learned alot from her and I've learned how to play with Xavier better cuz of her. I can communicate alot better with him. and he knows quite a few of the dances to some songs. and he's only a week from being a year old. highly recommend this women!! I wish she could be my son's teacher!!”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful educational videos! I love how you often show the word, say the word, sign the word, them images and a song to go along with the word.

It’s PERFECT! My 10 month old learned to say “up, mom, dada, uh oh,” (likes the uh oh song)

He also signs milk, more and up!

Your videos encourage what I’m already trying to teach him, it’s great!”


“Can I just say that if it weren’t for Rachel’s genius songs like the brushing your teeth one, my daughter WOULD NOT brush her teeth? Also, her songs have helped me through rough meals and our first haircut! Now my daughter asks for Rachel by saying “chi-chi-Chi” which is her brushing her teeth sound!!! Rachel we LOVE your videos!!!”


“We love Miss Rachel so much!  We were lucky to find her months ago when I was looking for baby sign language videos - she’s who popped up after the search and my son has been in love since!  He’s probably younger than her regular audience - he’s now 11 months old but she is a lifesaver lol He calms down and smiles every time we put her on - he really enjoys her and we are grateful for that.  Soon we hope he can learn all the things she’s teaching with how much he watches her! Thank you Rachel and your team for creating these videos - keep up the good work!”


“The BEST youtube channel for toddlers. My kids have learned a lot, I have learned a lot, and it is very engaging, appropriate and creative. Love it and could not recommend enough!”


“Between her new twin siblings and Covid keeping us from doing the things we'd planned to do with our toddler, we started to see her regress in speech and smiles. Thank you to "Preschool for Littles" for bringing back some dancing, fun and education, too. This virtual version of preschool has made a big difference in our girl's day.”


“My daughter has learned many new words and songs from watching your show. Thank you so much for your time and dedication ”


“After Izzy turned one, I started showing her “Songs For Littles” and she has learned so much from Rachel! This is so special and helpful since we can’t go to music classes during a pandemic. Izzy wasn’t speaking more than just a few words. After watching these videos, she has been making animal sounds, dancing, following along to hand motions and has been speaking so much more. I am so grateful!”


“It’s main focus is on speech . That’s I liked about them.”


“My toddler loves Songs for Littles. Though entertaining, I also appreciate the emphasis on learning new words and gestures. I highly recommend!”


“My two year loves your shows. He doesn’t talk a lot (yet), but I’ll hear him saying colors and other words while watching. You are awesome!”


“My son loves Ms Rachel and has picked words quickly!”


“I am so in love with how Rachel and the others act with the kids. My husband feels like we owe her money bc only after 3 weeks my daughter is signing and talking more. Now I sound like an ad but I’m not. She really is incredible and she loves it you can tell! Everyone on there. I think Jules is my fav! Lol I have been recommending her everywhere!!! Let us know if you have a patreon so we can donate so you can keep doing what you’re doing!!!”


“Jake’s favorite show! He claps when it comes on, waves and says “hi!”

He is learning so much. Just turned 13 months and loves that they say all his favorite words and use his signs.

He puts things in a box and takes them out now too, thanks to what he has learned watching.

Thank you for your work!!”


“My daughter loves ms.Rachel and her lil friends , my daughter has learned a lot especially from sign language. Such a big help for her !!!!! Shes the best !!!!”


“Ms. Rachel is a staple in our home! My 9 month old has been watching her and is already clapping and signing no!!! Honestly SO happy I found her!”


“Yup yup yup, this channel is the go to!!!! My son at 14 months old started watching Rachel and learned new things right away! He is now 15 months old and knows 20+ words and knows some sign language. thanks for helping teach our littles!!!”


“Ms Rachel is amazing, my son Mason loves watching her videos and has learnt so much like clapping hands, high fives and few words for 14 months old!! Definitely recommended

(Hello from Scotland )”


“My one and a half year old son started doing appropriate sign language from watching the videos and a little prompting.”


“Ms Rachel has really helped my daughter with her vocabulary. She's been talking so much more and knows her colors and numbers. My daughter also always asks to watch 'Rachel'!”


“Our 20-month little boy has watched Songs for Littles since he was about 1 year old and it has made a massive impact! We recommend everything and to watch the videos again and again and again over time. You may think it's boring, but the kids eat up the repetition. Our son first loved all the music, now he loves Mrs. Rachael in front of the green screen practicing any dialogue. We really love and support what they do! Thank you everyone there at Songs for Littles!”


“You have been such a blessing in our home. I’m so grateful for all your hard work and you tube channel. Thank you so much for bringing so many amazing catchy songs and language lessons. To my surprise my 1 year old was signing “more” with her hands and I never knew she could do that! She’s learning to talk because of you!! Thank you miss Rachel and the gang !!”


“We love Ms. Rachel and Songs for Littles! My toddler doesn’t really watch tv and I am very picky about what I let her watch and Ms. Rachel is Perfect! Very educational and very verbal perfect for toddler. We love the new Christmas Movie and has been on repeat lately!”


“Miss Rachel is a part of my kids' daily routine! We found this youtube channel during quarantine, and it helped my then-12m old to enjoy some of her normal activities at her own level (and helped teach me how to interact more effectively with her--I teach calculus, so I've got a LOT to learn about littles!). We've since added another little to the mix, and he is already becoming familiar with the tunes. Love this channel!!”


“Thank you Songs for Littles! I cannot recommend them more highly. Here are some highlights for us: our daughter’s (20m) sign language was solid for More and All Done for a while, but one morning when I asked if she needed help opening something she spontaneously did the sign for Help - which she exclusively learned from Miss Rachel. We now turn on the phonics video every day and now at 20m she identifies letters O, E, and Y by sight (she will grab the letter if I ask her what letter it is, and if I hold up the letter and ask her what it is, she says the letter). She also makes the sounds for many of the letters while watching the video. Our daughter is learning so much - and most importantly she LOVES the videos and gets so excited when we turn them on . Thank you thank you thank you!!!”


“My daughter just turned 2 years old and she asks to watch Miss Rachel & Jules every day! Her vocabulary and ability to communicate has increased dramatically. Your show is great. As a parent I truly appreciate how much thought, planning, work and enthusiasm all three of you put into your videos Thank you!!!”


“My daughter has been watching “songs for littles” since she was 9 months old. It’s her favorite! It’s the only thing that will keep her attention AND she has learned words, signs, and gestures that I don’t do as often from miss Rachel. I was nervous about too much screen time, however, living in AZ we can’t go out too much in the heat. After realizing how much my daughter is benefiting from this program, let’s just say screen time has increased and I have fun following along as well to help out my daughter!”


“Songs for littles is very engaging and interactive for my child. My daughter has been watching since she was 10 months. At 18 months she’s using the signs and has a huge vocabulary. We love songs for littles!”


“Ms. Rachel has a way to getting my toddler to engage in a way I was struggling with until I fell upon her YouTube channel by mistake. Its been three days since we found it and my daughter is now obsessed with all the songs that they sing on this channel. She has also gotten much better at pronouncing her words too. Overall an amazing channel and amazing crew!”


“This is literally the only thing my son is interested in watching. He showed zero interest in typical baby cartoons, but the instant he heard Rachel's voice, he was hooked. Through repetitive watching and Rachel's teaching methods, and our reinforcing some of the things he sees in the show, my son has learned several songs, clapping and singing along, as well as learning some basic signs and words.

Occasionally we will see him do or say something and wonder where he learned that, only to realize later that it's something he'd seen on SFL. We do limit his screen time but when we need a minute away to clean or whatnot, we couldn't ask for a better resource.”


“My little ones love Rachel and Jules! Such sweet programming and very helpful with encouraging my little one to speak!”


“My daughter started watching when she was maybe 6 months old. She's 18 months old now and loves it! Constantly asking for "Bubblegum" her babysitter, my husband, and I are constantly dancing and singing along to the songs. She's already started learning her colors and talks so well for her age. Highly recommend Songs for Littles to anyone with a small child.”


“I want to say a great thanks for Miss Rachel for creating so lovely, colorful, musical and educational videos for littles. My baby twins love you and listen carefully what you teach and now they have started repeating words after you! Wish you more energy, luck and insparation.”


“My son has learned SO much ! I swear by their channel! Thank you Rachel, Jules, and Aron!”


“Currently, Oliver and I are watching your channel like we do every morning. I wanted to take the time to say you are making such a difference in the world. Your channel is my sons favorite and contributes to his learning incredibly. Thank you for what you do.”


“I absolutely LOVE her videos and my 1 year old twins do too! They have learned so much! You can just tell she is such an amazing person by her presence!”


“My 15 month baby girl loves Rachel, Jules and Herbie. She is transfixed. They've been her favourite classes to watch during lockdown here in the UK. The pace and content of the classes are fantastic and she's definitely improving with her interaction every time we watch. Thank you so much. Keep them coming!”


“just discovered Songs for Littles yesterday and we LOVE Ms. Rachel!!!! This is the best songs for toddlers/preschoolers I've seen in a LONG time. I love how simple and not distracting or too visually overwhelming the videos are. Teaching basic sign language and showing how to say words in a close up of her mouth. PLUS exposing them to vocabulary they don't know yet and explaining it in a very kid friendly way. I'm so glad I stumbled on these videos. I'll be recommending it to all my friends!”


“Thank you so much for making these videos! Our 20 month old LOVES all of it. The way her face lights up when Rachel says “peekaboo” and sings about the fire truck is adorable! I can tell she is learning even more.”


“My son LOVES your music classes, and I think you’re amazing! Thank you for all the love you put into every video, it shows.

Can’t wait to experience a live session. ”


“Engaging, educational, and fun for everyone!”


“Miss Rachel saved us during the pandemic she helped me organize and get my lessons together for teaching my preschooler who suddenly gone from being in preschool since 1 to being stuck at home. The silly song and activities made our days and lessons fun and creative. Although the Halloween one is her most favorite.”


“SongsForLittles is AMAZING! My son absolutely loves Miss Rachel and Herbie!!! Jules is so fun to watch. With covid and distance learning this has really helped getting my son ready for school and learning. Cant wait for more preschool videos ”


“My 14 month old absolutely loves this show! She gets so excited and always tried to engage in what they’re doing!”


“I love how fun and engaging the leading lady is! I watch kids in my home and I have a kiddo who loves watching. hoping to get him using words sooner with this wonderful youtube channel”


“My baby is 9 months and he loves your show

I searched & searched for educational videos and absolutely loved you guys & your content.

I also went a few videos back and saw your evolution, so cool!

Keep going! & thank you ”


“My 18 mos old son learns alot from your video. The ready, set, go, counting, Jules dance moves is a hit! Hokey pokey and we are dinosaurs is his favorite and the latest Rachel singing Sticky bubble gum plus Herbie and Georgie!! So engaging and fun! You are all amazing! Keep em coming

Thank you, all the way from Sk, Canada ”


“This show is amazing.  for little ones!  I think my 7 month old love Ms Rachel more than me lol. She gets so excited to see her on TV

She definatly is a part of our daily routine!”


“The best! I have twin girls.. I started playing the videos in the back ground at home.. there 7 months now and I'm pretty sure they love Rachel more then me!! As soon as they here MA MA.. they instantly get quiet!! I do sing most of the songs now out in public but I'll take it.. thanks guys!! We love you!”


“It is the only one our toddler wants to learn with. She loves her teacher Rachel”


“We Love Rachel & Jules and Aron!! They bring so much joy to my toddler and home. You have saved the day so many times. You have taught so many lessons. We are the dinosaurs!! ”


“Excellent production and Songs kids can relate to”


“Amazing! My 20 month old will not take her eyes off of Rachel.”


“This is the best show on right now.  My baby has learned so much from it.”


“My 18 month old daughter’s absolute favorite shows! Thank you so much! We watch your channel every single day and sing along ”


“Amazing content!!!! We watch this everyday morning and night with our little guy!!! Thank you for dedicating so much time, love, and greatness to help children!!!”


“Love this channel. very educational and my toddler loves doing the actions”


“My 10 month old loves Rachel as much as he loves us lol. Love what you guys do for these little ones. ”


“My 3 year old and my 9 month old LOVE your videos!! You guys are amazing!! Please never stop making videos!!!”


“Rachel is amazing!   Wish all teachers engaged with children the way she does!!  My granddaughter absolutely loves her!”


“Great team!!! We love you all!! you all are  wonderful souls. Thank you for all that you do to this world. It is beyond measure, Priceless. Continue creating content as we completely appreciate every effort. Shoot for the star. ”


“My son loves this.  Especially Jules and the "We are the dinosaurs" song.  Thank you for doing this.  And for helpful hints for parents on the screen.  ”


“Our daughter absolutely loves Ms Rachel and Jules! We wish we could purchase episodes since internet isn’t available everywhere we go. Other than being forced to deal with youtube, this show ranks off the charts! ”


“My daughter and I LOVE you guys! You are all so talented and provide such wonderful teaching for littles! My husband and I do our own sing along hr on FB live too with guitar and classics like wheels on the bus and baby beluga Not only is my daughter learning but I’m learning new materials to do with her and songs we can include in our sing along hour as well! I’m so glad I found you!

Thank you so much!”


“We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Songs for Littles!! As soon as my son wakes up in the morning he tells me he wants to watch "circle time" or "Jules". He's learned so much from you guys, you are such a blessing!”


“Let me just say that “Songs for littles” is the most amazing YouTube channel!! My 11 month old LOVES Ms. Rachel, Jules, & Aaron. You guys make him so happy! He watches you guys EVERY SINGLE DAY! He is obsessed with the 3hr farm video thats his favorite! He also loved the Christmas one! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing YouTube for our babies!! ”


“Words can't express how much I appreciate Ms. Rachel, Aaron and Jules for doing this! My daughter loves her Ms. Rachel classes and to be silly with Jules. she wears a hat like Jules and pretends to play the guitar. She loves Ms. Rachel teaching sounds and words, she jumps up.and down everyday we put your show on. Thank you for creating this!”


“Great wholesome content, always cheers up my son when he's sick. It captivates him where most TV actually doesn't keep his attention. We both really love this!”


“I am a work from home mom with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. I just went back to work and my 3 year old has so much energy but I don't always have the capacity to work and teach at the same time! I was browsing through YouTube and came across Songs For Littles! I thought it was awesome so I put my kiddos desk in my office grabbed my spare laptop, put on songs for littles, and told her it was time for school. That was 2 weeks ago and she wakes up super excited every morning for class. She has learned so much and it has peaked her interest for music. Thank you for creating such amazing fun and educational content!”


“Very engaging and interactive! Using music, puppets and colors to reach children ”


“I was looking for something in youtube that is educational and fun but not animated, I really wanted somewhat a realistic content and their videos are a great fit. My 1yr old son has been enjoying their contents since he was still an infant. Hope they create more educational and fun videos.”


“If you are sick of the melon, and your child becomes a zombie to it, I highly suggest turning on Songs for Littles. He hasn’t liked many of the shows I have tried but loved this immediately! I have learned so much in the short time watching it and so has my 1.5 year old.”


“My daughter is obsessed with Songs For Littles! She smiles so big every time she hears “HIIIIIII CAN YOU SAY MAMA” - I did a tiktok of it and Ms Rachel agreed on her beautiful smile. In the 3-4 months my girl (almost 8 months old) has been watching Ms Rachel she has taught herself how to clap and wave!”


“We just found these AWESOME videos! My 18month old adores these two lovely humans who make these videos. It’s been hard being home with two kids 24/7 during this crazy time.. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for these videos!! Thank you!!”


“very helpful to my son at the age of 12 months he learned some words and can dance as well”


“my daughter is absolutely obsessed on top of it she has learned how to pronounce several words Miss Rachel is a blessing”


“my 2 year old has been watching Ms Rachel for almost a year. she loves it! I'm starting to hear her saying and singing things from the videos,!!”


“my baby is 9 months old and is putting two words together already!!" Mama Bah bah"

Thank you Song's For Little's!!

Our family really appreciate all of you very much, especially Lilly !

Her big bright smile says it all!

Big thank you

from my family to Yours!”


“these hekped my 2 year old to talk. i had tries everything and wasnt getting anywhere. i found songs for littles on you tube and bam within 1 week he was off. he is doing amazing now and with lockdown classes have been unavailable. thanks ladies..x”


“my three year old little girl loves y'all!! she is delayed in speech and is learning quickly.

her favorite songs: row your boat. bingo. bubble gum song

my 7m old favorite song: pizza party.”


“gives me 30 minutes of mommy time.  my 1 year old is so focused.   I love that I can also learn baby sign language.”


“My twins always have to grab their hats when they see Jules on TV singing because she always has on a cool hat ”


“My almost two year old daughter says “more! More!” When we watch songs for littles.

Rachel and Jules are amazingly talented musicians who have a gift for inspiring young kiddos. Highly recommend !!”

“I could not ask for anything better to share with my grandchildren!”


“We love all the videos Rachel and Jules release. They are interactive and Kyler follows along and has been for awhile!

If you aren't onto these videos already, you should be!! It's like a preschool we attend together in our loft ”


“They are engaging, educational, and fun! My 1 year old stops whats she is doing the second she hears Rachel's voice! She is a big fan of Herbie!! So glad we found them!”


“Tommy loves Rachel and Jules, if you have a toddler that loves to sing and dance, check out Songs for Littles!”


“My kids are obsessed. I have really enjoyed listening to all of there their videos”


“My son stops playing to watch! He’s 9 1/2 months. I appreciate that these are engaging and educational. Thanks Songs for Littles!”


“My 2yr old Twins Loves them!”


“My 1 year old daughter love u guys so much! She only pay attention to your vids please continue making fun videos. Hoping Aaron will sing more ”


“My daughter is 15 months and your videos have been a godsend while wfh while trying to entertain her during this tough time. Thank you for creating these wonderful videos! Look forward to many more ”


“My grandson loves songs for littles! He is 10 months old. We watch them over and over!”


“Thank you so much for creating such an amazing educational videos! Our 16 months old baby girl loves watching you sing and we enjoy singing along as well!! I’m so glad we had found you!!!”


“Life saver in these days of quarantine!”


“These videos are hands down my daughter's (and my) favorite learning videos on youtube!”


"My 2yo LOVES your videos - keep up the awesome work! 🙂”


“My 3 year old loves these videos!! And they keep his attention!!!”


“Absolutely amazing!! We love Song For littles.”


“Just found this channel and my 1 year old absolutely loves it!”


“My son is 6 months old and he loves all your videos.”


“my 3 year old loves songs for littles.”


“The only thing my child will watch!”


“100% amazing my girls live yall”


“Educational, fun, and relevant for our everyday encounter with our Little!”


“our 6month Old baby really love watching teacher rachel. although He is not talking yet, but He can watch all the videos the whole day with matching smiling at giggle.”


“My daughter loves Ms. Rachel! ❤️❤️❤️”


“I love Everything!!! They are so great! My grandson loves it!”


“My little Chloe and has learned so much with Songs for Littles!! Two of her most favorite: Sticky Bubble Gum and the Dinosaur songs ”


“my little girl is getting so much out  of this .Rachel talks so  Calmly and softly for children”


"my daughter loves Miss Rachel and Jules.”


“my daughter who is now 19 months loves Ms. Rachel's circle time. she's learned so much just from watching these episodes. Thank you for your wonderful shows.”


“My son, who is just 7mos old really likes Rachel”


“My 1 year old son absolutely loves watching Rachel and Jules. Can't wait for him to start singing along.”


“Jude LOVES watching this. It’s both captivating and educational”


“My 2 yo loves Ms. Rachel. Thank u guys. looking fwd to more videos frm u.”


“my 20 month old just loves their videos and they are so engaging 🤗🤗”


“Your videos are the only ones my 12 month old will sit and watch”


“Love your videos , my 18 month old is obsessed.

Love and best wishes from India ”


“We love songs for littles!!!! Mrs. Rachel and the gang are the best!!!! Bubble gum song is our household favorite!! ”


“Can you please make a video with just all learning words in it? My 18 month old son absolutely loves your videos and is learning to say new words everyday! Thank you so much he’s learning so much from you!”


“You guys are the best. Our daughter loves your classes. Do you offer any Zoom classes? We’d love to sign up and all pay for some of the content you guys are creating.”

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