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Speech Delay Help & Resources

I don't know if my toddler has a speech delay or other delays. What can I do? 

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I think my child has a speech delay. What can I do? 


If you are concerned about your little one, call your pediatrician. 


You can also call your state’s Early Intervention program. They can assess your child and provide support, such as speech therapy, if needed. 


How do I know what milestones my baby or toddler should be meeting? 


Click HERE for a list of milestones your baby/toddler should be meeting.


What is Early Intervention? 


Early Intervention, or E.I. for short, are national services that are available to families of infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities. Some examples of services include speech therapy and physical therapy, but there are plenty of other ways that E.I. can help your child! 


How can I contact Early Intervention? 


Click HERE for a list of states and contact information. You do not need a doctor's referral. 


Why should I get help now? Can I just "wait and see?" 


The earlier children get help for a delay, the better! 0-3 years old is a key time that you don't want to miss. They will do better later if you get them help now.


Can I just help my child myself and use Ms Rachel videos? 


It's important to get help from professionals if you think your child has a speech delay. Ms Rachel is not a speech therapist. If your child has a speech delay, you can get speech therapy from a speech therapist privately or through Early Intervention. 


Is speech therapy covered by insurance? 


It is usually free (or low cost) through Early Intervention. Your insurance may cover a private speech therapist. 

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